Sunday, February 28, 2016

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Head lice are tiny wingless parasitic insect creatures that live quite happily on the scalp of humans. As disgusting as it sounds, they need human blood to survive. These insects are either grey or brown and have six legs. Head lice lay eggs called nits. The nits develop into nymphs which are simply immature adult head lice. The nits stick directly to the hair close to scalp and can be mistaken for dandruff. The nymphs develop into full blown head lice in approximately one week.

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Lice can not fly or jump to another host but they are transferred by direct contact. They get to you by riding on people or objects that have been in contact with an infected individual. Once they are on your body, they quickly find their way to your hair. Lice are small but they can move quickly and they are hard to find once they are already in your hair.

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The best treatment of head lice is prevention. It is important to avoid direct contact with another person who has head lice since direct contact is the mode of transmission. Treatment involves the use of a product that kills the lice. It is important to use a product that is toxic to lice but safe for humans. It is equally important to follow the manufacturer's directions closely for the most effective treatment.

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